EBS expands its crane fleet

As of today, a beautiful red Gottwald crane rises proudly over the Laurenshaven terminal in the Botlek. This 50-ton crane has a reach of more than 51 meters, and is capable of lifting products in and out of all of a ship’s holds. The Gottwald 6 is a welcome addition to the terminal’s existing stock of mobile and floating cranes.

European Bulk Services (EBS) B.V. takes new storage shed into service

Rotterdam, June 2017 – On 31 May, European Bulk Services (EBS)…

HES International further expands covered storage capacity at subsidiary European Bulk Services (EBS)

HES International announced today that its 100% subsidiary EBS will further expand its covered storage facilities in the Port of Rotterdam. At its Laurenshaven terminal, EBS will construct 126,000 cbm of storage sheds.