HSSE (health, safety, security & environment)
The care for people and environment has an important part to play at EBS, not only for the people who work at our terminals but also of course for our neighbourhood. Apart from the care for the environment, we consider it important that everyone works safely at our terminals.

To convert this into measurable objectives EBS is VCA* certified. EBS takes the view that the care for safety and environment is a shared task of employer and employee. Together we are building on a safe working and living environment with the aim of preventing accidents and harm to the environment.

Food safety
At the Europoort terminal we mainly handle agricultural products. To ensure that no contamination occurs during the handling of these products, EBS adheres to very strict food safety standards. Compliance with them is monitored by the annual GMP+ audit. Apart from conventional agricultural products, EBS can also handle organic cargoes. EBS has the mandatory SKAL B1 certificate especially for organic cargoes.

Quality management
EBS is ISO 9001:2015 certified.